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Hi, I’m Gina Jenkins and today I am living my best life ever! It wasn’t always this way though. I came into the world unwanted, emotionally orphaned, and consistently experiencing chaos and insecurity. Lacking the solid, secure foundation that children need to grow into mature, stable, and joyful adults, I was unable to process emotional upset, nor could I maintain my joy. In 2018, after 9 years of marriage, my husband requested a separation and I knew I had to figure out why I behaved and always felt less than, not good enough, and needing to control everything.

With this newfound motivation, I became a student of brain science and the emotional maturation process that happens in the brain starting at birth. A key learning is that the right prefrontal cortex of the brain has embryonic qualities which allow it to grow and change throughout life which meant I could transform my behavior and emotional patterns and learn to experience joy consistently.

During this process of self-exploration and deep personal growth, I discovered an organization called Deeper Walk International and their healing Journey Groups. Entering this community, I did not possess an inherent belief of my value and worth as a Child of God even though I’d grown up attending church. Through Journey Groups, I received a second chance at a “nuclear family” where I could grow up and experience the peace and joy that comes with maturing in a healthy, nurturing environment. This experience inspired me to create She Incorporates in 2020 with a spirit-inspired desire to share with others what I have learned and spread the message that hope and healing is available to all who seek it.Today, I facilitate Journey Groups and offer 1:1 coaching packages designed to help you move into a life filled with more joy through transformative healing. Emotional freedom and consistent joy are available to all who seek them. I invite you to join me in stepping into your own brilliance and finding consistent joy in your life and relationships. Emotional freedom is just a call away!

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